Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back to Blogging…

After many months of not finding time to blog, I’ve managed to carve out some time this weekend.  My goal is to try to complete from where I last blogged in October to present day.  So…many entries will be sent out over the next few days Smile

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Big Bro!

Big Bro turned 12 on April 2 so we had a fun day at Crystal Springs Preserve.  He brought a few friends with him to enjoy the day! 

                  IMG_0001                   IMG_0004

                        Nana, Papa and Big Bro      Ms. Sonya going over orienteering and using the GPS

         IMG_0005            IMG_0016

Papa and Lil Bro getting a little help…the boys working together to put in their coordinates

  IMG_0020             IMG_0021          IMG_0023

Lil Bro was Ms. Sonya’s partner and led her to each cache perfectly!  Proud of Nana because even she got into the action…hoping she never needs to use a GPS for real let’s just say!

IMG_0024 IMG_0026 IMG_0029

And they’re off!  Teams of two spread out over the preserve to hunt as fast as they could for hidden caches.   Prizes and goodies were left for each boy in each red can at specific GPS coordinates.  What a fun activity!!

IMG_0031IMG_0034  IMG_0035

Here’s the gang enjoying some of their found caches…sad to say that Nana and I were the last team to arrive.  But Nana was lucky enough to get a hug as a consolation prize.  Lucky dog!

            IMG_0037                    IMG_0043

                         Sweet, sweet!                                                          Check out the turtle eggs we found.

    IMG_0045                    IMG_0046

Activity #2…shelter building and survival                               The boys versus the adults

      IMG_0047                  IMG_0055

They are working hard  but so are the adults (including me but I’m snapping pics, too)

          IMG_0056            IMG_0059

               Their shelter is coming along                               Here’s the adults shelter completed

          IMG_0062            IMG_0069

                            The back of the adults                                             The boys’ shelter

          IMG_0070            IMG_0071

                   They did a great job!                                                     Love this group shot!

        IMG_0076             IMG_0086

          A beautiful place and a great day!                                Busy day for Nana and Ala

          IMG_0087           IMG_0089

                    A well deserved cooling off                           Big Bro’s Hunger Games birthday cake

          IMG_0092          IMG_0096

               Cake time!                               He was thrilled with the cake design and very surprised!

    IMG_0098          IMG_0103           IMG_0109

His friend wrapped Big Bro’s “ gift” inside several boxes…it was fun to watch him keep going through all the boxes until he reached the last one filled with nothing but rocks.  Then his friend handed Big Bro a card with the gift card in it. 

    IMG_0115            IMG_0119          IMG_0121

                       Everyone got a good laugh!    Then to top off the day, to a Japanese steak house!

                        IMG_0125         IMG_0137

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mar. 28-Apr. 1, 2011

                                    Continuing our work on the farm mural with Papa looking on

                                  IMG_9920               IMG_9922

          Rediscovered our subscription to BrainPop so these two were exploring it and found a video on the systems of the body.  Very educational.


Big Bro is learning about cells in science so I found a recipe to make our own cells using the goodies below.  Remember organelles, ribosomes and mitochondria??


Making a rooster mosaic out of beans.  He was very intent on filling in every white space and was very focused to finish the project.


                         Helping with dinner and Lil Bro’s first time with a real knife dicing tomatoes  

    IMG_9938             IMG_9939          IMG_9940

                                  For dessert we had the cell creation we made earlier in the day.